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Who is author of all photos except mine?                                        David Vašíček, *1975, Brno, Czech republic

Tel.: +420608772407
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The first trip to Morocoo I took when I was 17 years old. Ever since I got infected with the beauty of the country. On the road like discover nature, I am interested mainly reptiles, but I adore and appreciate all living things. They learn about different cultures and experiencing moments that happen along the way. Every moment I percepive on the jurney very closely and look forward to many experiences. The feelings that we experience are among the most fantastic.

The camera is used to capture the moment for me as a memory of the journey and the pictures taken of me makes me happy in the next life. Often thereare pictures taken in his own sweat and adverse conditions when photographic material is often damaged. If you have any image of interest, let me know. Buying a picture will help non-profit organizations Shanti, which supports children in Nepal. But I keep proverb well all like home and where my family is my home and therefore like going back to Brno in the Czech Republic.


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